Pots contain 9 fragranced heart shape Wax melts 55g(appox)

Tarts contain 30g(approx) fragranced Wax

Breakbars contain 80g(approx) fragranced Wax

MixUp trays contain 8 different scents,(2 of each)

Candles contain 100g(approx)


Health & Safety 

◦Harmful if swallowed.

◦Keep out of reach of children & pets.

◦Do not add water.

◦Remove all packaging before use.

◦For use in a suitable wax melter either electric or candle.

◦Stand on a heat resistant surface.

◦Keep away from draughts & flamable materials.

◦DO NOT overflow your melter.

◦Clean your melter often.

◦NOT for consumption.

◦NEVER leave a burning candle unattended.

◦Contains BITREX